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Beckenham Chorale is a Registered Charity (No 262048)

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Beckenham Chorale Data Policy

Beckenham Chorale

Patron                   Sarah Walker CBE

Musical Director    Mark Griffiths


Data Policy


 This Policy describes how Beckenham Chorale will handle personal data in order to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) when it comes into force on 25 May 2018


The following who hold office on the Committee from time to time or as members of Beckenham Chorale,  take on specific responsibilities on behalf of the committee to hold personal data on behalf of Beckenham Chorale; The Chairperson, The Membership Secretary,  The Treasurer, lead person Ticket Sales,  Secretary of The Friends and lead person for Marketing and Publicity.


Beckenham Chorale holds data in accordance with good practice standards of domestic data security.  Data is not encrypted.


Beckenham Chorale only uses personal data for the specific purposes of Beckenham Chorale for which members intend it, for example subscription data, and the purposes of specific consents which it receives for the sending and receipt of information.


Beckenham Chorale does not release anyone’s data to any other person without the specific consent of the first person, obtained by request by the Membership Secretary. The Membership Secretary will always ask for that permission and await the consent of the first person before releasing data to the person requesting.


Beckenham Chorale does not send open address emails, that is an email to more than one person at the same time where the email address of one intended recipient is visible to another.


Beckenham Chorale occasionally comes into possession of data in connection with the sale of tickets but this information is destroyed as soon as is practicable after the event and does not make any other use of it.


Beckenham Chorale holds data in connection with its Friends Scheme, advertisers and sponsors, subject to their consent and to the restrictions described above.


A person who has given data consent to Beckenham Chorale may opt out of that consent at any time by informing The Membership Secretary whose contact details can be found on the Beckenham Chorale website.


May 2018


Beckenham Chorale is a registered charity  (No  262048)